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Israel Passes Law To Shut Down Foreign News Organizations if Deemed a Threat

The Israeli government has passed a law called the Al Jazeera Law that will allow the temporary closing of a foreign news organization if deemed a security threat. After the passing of the bill, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted the following statement on social media. “Al Jazeera will no longer be broadcast from Israel…. I … Read More

IDF Begins Withdrawing From Shifa Hospital In Gaza

Two weeks after launching the second raid on Gaza City, IDF troops are withdrawing from Shifa Hospital. During the offensive they captured 500 members of terrorist groups and 200 more members have been killed. For more on these stories and other news from Israel, see full video below from Israel365 and Stever Libowitz. Make sure … Read More

Members of Massachusetts Teachers Union Outraged as Webinar Featured Pro-Hamas Professors

A Massachusetts teachers union hosted a webinar last week entitled “The Struggle Against Anti-Palestinian Racism,” angering some of its members. The Daily Wire reports that the webinar featured professors from the University of Massachusetts Boston who are all considered anti-Israel activists. Meanwhile, the war between Israel and terrorism rages on. Hezbollah rocket fire hit a … Read More

The IDF Releases Videos of Jihad Operatives Describing Use of Shifa Hospital

The IDF has released video of Jihad operatives describing in detail the use of Shifa Hospital as a shield. This supports the IDF’s claim that the terrorists are destroying the hospital. Meanwhile, relations between Netanyahu and Biden are at a new low. Netanyahu contends that by not vetoing the UN ceasefire resolution, the US harmed … Read More

Tensions Between the US and Israel Reach a New High

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement following the US refusing to veto the UN Security Council’s ceasefire resolution. He said, “The United States has abandoned its policy in the UN by failing to veto the resolution.” Additionally, he has canceled his upcoming trip to the United States where discussions concerning Israel’s plan for an … Read More

IDF at Shifa Hospital Causing Severe Damage to Hamas Leadership

On day 167 of the Israel-Hamas War, the ongoing operation at Shifa Hospital is causing severe damage to Hamas leadership. The IDF reports having nearly 300 Hamas leaders in custody and that they are questioning that many more Hamas soldiers. This is putting pressure on the terrorist group to agree to the hostage release deal. … Read More

Israeli Captain Abducted on October 7 Has Been Confirmed Dead

Israeli Defense Forces confirmed the heartbreaking death of 22-year-old Israeli Captain Doron Perez. Prior to this, it was believed that he had been abducted during the October 7 attacks by Hamas terrorists. He served as a platoon commander in the 7th Armored Brigade’s 77th Battalion. It has been confirmed that his body was taken from … Read More

Biden Administration Secretly Asks Iran to Pressure Houthis to Stop Attacks

According to The Financial Times, the Biden administration has secretly asked Iranian leaders for help convincing the Houthis to stop their attacks in the Red Sea. The Houthi rebels have been actively attacking commercial and military vessels since the October 7 attacks in Israel by Hamas terrorists. This effort has clearly been ignored as attacks … Read More