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Praising God As They Go To War

The intensity of the Israeli Defense Forces’ reliance on God as their strength is amazing. Eagle Mountain International Church and Kenneth Copeland Ministries friend, Sgt. Maj. Jeremy Gimpel from Arugot Farm in Judea, is a member of the IDF reserves. He shared this powerful video of the Golani Brigade exemplifying the IDF’s recognition that this … Read More

Global Day of Prayer for Israel (11/6/23)

Yesterday, we received word from Billye Brim and Albert Veksler (the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast) that today, Nov. 6, 2023, has been declared a Global Day of Prayer for Israel. Please stand united with us, praying Psalm 28:9 and Psalm 122. Thank you for adding your supply of faith and interceding for the … Read More

Safety and Security for Those Most Vulnerable

This is a dangerous season in Israel. Security is a high priority, especially for communities in Judea and Samaria. One Israel Fund with Marc Provisor provides support to these communities, and your donations to Eagle Mountain International Church and Kenneth Copeland Ministries are helping provide safety for these vulnerable people. Security cameras that KCM has … Read More

Drones Are Saving Israeli Lives

Praise the Lord! Through your donations to Eagle Mountain International Church and Kenneth Copeland Ministries, you are helping HaYovel and the Waller family protect the communities of Judea and Samaria. Considering the depletion of safety and security supplies in Israel, we found sources in the USA to provide protective gear and surveillance equipment for civilian … Read More

Testimony from the Front Lines of the Israeli War

EMIC and KCM have been eagerly anticipating and expecting stories of miraculous intervention in this Israeli war, such as in the Yom Kippur and the Six Day Wars. We are excited to share this testimony from an IDF reserve soldier on the front lines. We know this is just one of many, so keep praying … Read More

We Continue To Support Israel

Israel is still reeling from the Hamas attacks. The attacks have resulted in over 250,000 people being displaced from their homes. These families and others are mourning the loss of murdered loved ones while longing for the release of over 240 kidnapped by Hamas, 30 who have been identified as children. All the while, 8500-plus … Read More

Helping in the City of David

“It is a land the LORD your God cares for; the eyes of the LORD your God are continually on it from the beginning of the year to its end” Deuteronomy 11:12 (NIV). Ze’ev Orenstein, from the City of David, shared his thanks to Eagle Mountain International Church and the Kenneth Copeland Ministries community for … Read More

Quoting the Quran In Support of Israel

Not all the members of the Arab community see Israel as a people who have plundered and stolen land from them. Many, in fact, find it hard to believe that so many do not recognize Israel as a state even though it is recognized by the United Nations; has several universities and research facilities; and … Read More

How Are We Helping Aliyah Foundation?

Over the years, Guy Leibovitz and other members of the Aliyah Foundation have become cherished friends of Eagle Mountain International Church and Kenneth Copeland Ministries. The Aliyah Foundation typically helps visiting Christians develop a more thorough understanding of the deep Jewish roots of Israel. However, with Israel at war, they have altered their effort to … Read More

Thank You For Supporting Holocaust Survivors

Eagle Mountain International Church and Kenneth Copeland Ministries continue their ongoing partnership with the Aliyah Foundation by helping provide support to Holocaust survivors. These survivors have no family and have recently immigrated from Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. Their caregivers are very thankful for the support of people like you in this time of great need. … Read More