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NYU Professor and Pro-Palestinian Activist Denies Atrocities of Oct. 7

New York University adjunct professor Amin Husain was caught on tape denying the atrocities of the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks. In a video originally released by the Free Press, Husain tells students that reports of rape and baby killings are not true. Husain is said to be a founding member of the activist group Decolonize … Read More

IDF Expands Efforts to Rafah To Complete Gaza Mission

The IDF hits Hamas targets with airstrikes in Rafah, the only remaining city in Gaza not controlled by Israeli ground forces. Hamas reportedly toughened its stance in negotiations and demanded a hostage deal to include a cease-fire of 10 to 15 years. The International Court of Justice will rule tomorrow on South Africa’s claim of … Read More

100+ Terrorists Killed in Ongoing Battles of Khan Yunis

The IDF continues to make steady progress in the Hamas stronghold of Khan Younis. Over 100 terrorists have been killed, and Hamas leadership is believed to be hiding in deep underground tunnels. The IDF is proceeding slowly as there may be Israeli hostages. Israel and Hamas reportedly agreed in principle on an exchange of Israeli … Read More

Twenty-one IDF Soldiers Killed in Building Explosion in Gaza

The IDF believes that a rocket-propelled grenade fired at a building, setting off mines that killed 21 IDF soldiers just inside Gaza, was fired by Hamas. Investigation is ongoing. For security reasons, Prime Minister Netanyahu rejected a U.S. proposal for ending the war, as he does not believe their two-state solution will ensure safety for … Read More

BBQ and Protective Vests

HaYovel, a faith-based nonprofit organization in Israel that Kenneth Copeland Ministries supports, recently provided protective military equipment for soldiers and first response teams in Judea. In the wake of horrendous attacks against the Jewish people, unseen since the Holocaust, an IDF soldier remarked that what is “more important than the gear that was donated is … Read More

Israel Committed To Rescuing Hostages While Finding and Destroying Hamas

Israel continues its push to find and destroy Hamas in its tunnel hideouts, while also reaffirming its commitment to rescue hostages. IDF shared that it has intelligence and operational actions ongoing for their rescue. For more on this, watch VICTORY News. Make sure you are watching news you can trust. VICTORY News brings you the … Read More

The Miracle on Oct. 7 That Changed Their Lives

Jeremy Gimpel, from The Land of Israel Fellowship, shared an inspiring interview of one soldier describing his experience during the Oct. 7 attacks. The soldier’s unit was surrounded by oncoming fire from the enemy. A friend, who knew where he was located, called him and said that there were hundreds of insurgents surrounding them. His … Read More

Up to 450 Miles of Hamas-Created Tunnels Exist Under Gaza

Israel continues to search through and destroy the maze of Hamas-created tunnels under Gaza. The IDF has now confirmed there are between 350-450 miles of tunnels, which is up from the 250 miles they believed existed as recently as last month. In the U.S., the Bernie Sanders-backed measure to ask the State Department to report … Read More

Psychological Warfare by Hamas, Antisemitism and Other Realities of War

Psychological warfare continues as Hamas forces a female hostage to announce the death of two male fellow captives. It is impossible to determine the veracity of this claim, but the effect of the claim on the hostages’ families is real and painful. War continues and antisemitism runs rampant in Israel and elsewhere. Details available in … Read More