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United Nations Move To Give ‘Palestine’ Full Member Status

The United Nations may vote as early as today to grant Palestine full member status. The region widely known as Palestine has had observer status with the United Nations. Granting full member status would be equal to giving Palestine recognition as a state. Israel continues to say that this will increase the national security threat … Read More

European Union Poised To Set New Sanctions on Iran

The European Union is imposing new sanctions on Iran in response to the recent attack on Israel. They are seeking to curb the supply of Iranian drones to Russia including the provision of missiles and deliveries to proxy nations in the Middle East. The U.S. is set to impose sanctions as well. Israeli Defense Forces … Read More

China Demands Israel to “Exercise Calm and Restraint”

Iran’s attack on Saturday used direct military force to strike Israel without proxy terrorist organizations. Israeli interception stopped 99 percent of the 300 missiles and drones. The Chinese government claimed the attack was “restrained” and implied there was no legitimate reason to respond. The U.S. House of Representatives quickly passed sanctions against Iran on Monday … Read More

Special Israel News Update – Faith Response to Iran’s Attack on Israel

As Iran launched drones and missiles at Israel on Saturday, April 13, VICTORY News aired a special update. Included was not just live news updates but also a response to the attacks by Pastors George and Terri Pearsons that included prayer, encouragement and a call to understand these events from an end-times perspective. Watch the … Read More

Israel Experiences Early Passover Miracle

This past Saturday, Israel was attacked with over 300 drones and missiles from Iran, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon. This was a five-hour attack that could have been devastating. However, Israel officials report that they and the United States, Great Britain, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia were able to stop 99% of the missiles and drones! Pastors … Read More

Israel and Allies Stop 99% of Iran’s Attack Drones

Israel officials report that they and the United States, Great Britain, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia were able to stop 99% of the missiles and drones fired at the Jewish state by Iran on Saturday evening. Over 300 munitions were likely launched from within Iran, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon in the five-hour attack. Thus far there … Read More

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Forced to Deny Israel Committing Genocide

On Tuesday U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was pressed to admit that claims that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza are simply not true. Instead, Israeli Defense Forces have been battling Hamas terrorists known for using civilians as shields and taking cover in schools or hospitals. The claims that Israel is committing genocide are … Read More

Israel War Cabinet Reviews Latest Hostage-Ceasefire Proposal by the U.S.

The Israeli War Cabinet is reviewing the latest hostage-ceasefire proposal by the United States as President Biden urges Israel to call for a 6–8-week ceasefire. At the same time, the IDF is continuing their military pressure on Gaza despite withdrawal of most troops from the ground in Gaza. For more on these stories from ILTV … Read More

White House Reacts to Arab Protests

The White House has condemned protesters at the Al-Quds Day rally in Dearborn, Mich. During the rally on Friday, the pro-Palestinian activists were heard chanting, “Death to America.” White House spokesperson Andrew Bates stated, “The White House condemns these abhorrent and antisemitic remarks in the strongest terms. As President Biden has said, ‘America is the … Read More

Israel and Hamas Finally Agree on Basic Points of Hostage/Cease-Fire Negotiations

Progress is finally being made as Israel and Hamas have agreed on basic points concerning hostage release and cease-fire negotiations. The deal includes an extended cease-fire and the release of hundreds of Palestinian security prisoners. Meanwhile the IDF has pulled all but one brigade from Gaza that is holding a strategic position on the main … Read More