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At Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Eagle Mountain International Church, we have diligently worked for some time now to vet and develop key relationships and reliable contacts in Israel. Through these partnerships, we are supporting Israel in strategic ways during this difficult time. Some examples of the life-saving activities YOU are part of include: We are … Read More

Recent Updates

Israel Warns of Potential Terror Attacks in Paris During Summer Olympics

Israel’s National Security Council is warning terror attacks could occur in Paris during the 2024 Summer Olympics which are set to begin on Friday. The council issued a travel warning to citizens planning to visit because it believes there is a credible threat to Israeli athletes. For more on this story and the ongoing offensive … Read More

Netanyahu’s Schedule of U.S. Meetings Uncertain

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s U.S. schedule is uncertain, as his planned meeting with President Biden has been postponed due to Biden testing positive for COVID. Netanyahu met with a group of families of hostages to express his optimism on a potential hostage deal. A meeting between Netanyahu and former President Trump is possibly in the works, … Read More

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Flying to Washington Today

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is flying to Washington today to meet with President Joe Biden. On Wednesday, the Israeli leader will address both houses of Congress. Continue to pray for the safe return of all hostages as negotiations for their release are set to resume on Thursday. For more on these stories watch the … Read More

Nasrallah Steps Up Rhetoric

Hezbollah Secretary-General Nasrallah steps up his rhetoric as he promises to begin hitting new targets in Israel. He claims there has been a rise in recent days of noncombatants who have lost their lives in Lebanon. He continued his threat, stating that if any Israeli tanks crossed the border, they would be destroyed. Israel shared … Read More

Virginia Investigating Possible Terrorist Ties of the Organization ‘American Muslims for Palestine’

A Virginia court has ordered the organization American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) to turn over records to State Attorney General Jason Miyares. The Virginia court system is investigating AMP’s alleged relationships with terrorist groups. Miyares opened the investigation in 2023 stating that the group “may have used funds raised for impermissible purposes under state law, … Read More

U.S. Says Cease-Fire Agreement Reachable

The U.S. says the gaps between Hamas and Israel in hostage for cease-fire talks are bridgeable. Hamas chose to not leave the talks even after the targeting of military chief Muhammed Dief. A sticking point seems to be the reluctance to withdrawal from the Philadelphi Corridor. State department correspondent Matthew Miller shared that the agreed-upon … Read More

Hamas Hiding Hamas Commander’s Fate

IDF Chief Herzi Halevi says that Hamas is trying to hide the outcome of an airstrike targeting its military chief, Muhammed Deif. Meanwhile, the IDF has been able to confirm the death of the commander of Hamas’ Khan Yunis Brigade, Rafa’a Salameh. Hamas has not withdrawn from peace talks despite this weekend’s airstrike. However, there … Read More

Israel Mourns Golan Couple

Northern Israel continues under intense bombardment as friends and family gather for the funeral of a Golan couple who were tragically killed when a bomb hit their vehicle. As well, the IDF says that they have wrapped up a two weeklong Gaza operation which claimed a significant number of Hamas losses. Meanwhile the hostage negotiations … Read More

Iran Helped Pay for Anti-Israel Protests Across U.S.

A top United States intelligence officer has revealed that Iranian intelligence officials were helping pay for recent anti-Israel protests on U.S. college campuses. Tehran is growing increasingly aggressive in its attempts to undermine U.S. institutions with social media platforms and other cyber influences. For more on this and the latest in Israel watch this video. … Read More

Hostages for Cease-Fire Talks

Shin Bet Chief Ronen Bar is traveling to Qatar to continue hostage cease-fire negotiations with senior officials from the US and Egypt, including CIA Director William Burns. Bar’s focus has been preventing Hamas from smuggling weapons through Egypt once the IDF withdraws from the Philadelphi Corridor. The ceasefire discussions included building an underground barrier between … Read More