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Israel At War

At Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Eagle Mountain International Church, we have diligently worked for some time now to vet and develop key relationships and reliable contacts in Israel. Through these partnerships, we are supporting Israel in strategic ways during this difficult time. Some examples of the life-saving activities YOU are part of include: We are … Read More

Recent Updates

U.S. Aid to Gaza Stolen

The Biden administration’s humanitarian aid to Gaza has been stolen while being transported through Gaza. The U.N. World Food Program has blamed Israel for failing to protect the aid in Gaza that was stolen by terrorists who are then selling it to Gaza’s citizens. For more on this story and the latest on Israel’s war … Read More

Soros-Backed DA Won’t Charge Pro-Palestinian Activist for Police Assault

District Attorney Larry Krasner, who has received significant funds from George Soros-backed PACs, declined to charge a pro-Palestinian activist who is accused of assaulting a police officer. Similar decisions have been made by Soros-backed district attorneys in Texas as well. In addition, it is the final day of the Israel Summit hosted by HaYovel. For … Read More

Day 2 of the First Israel Summit—Pro-Israel Supporters Stand in Solidarity

The start of Day 2 of the first Israel Summit was filled with excitement as pro-Israel supporters stood in solidarity in their declaration that Israel has the right to stand sovereign in the Land of Israel. After the Sonesta Hotel canceled their contract with summit organizers, financial expert Dave Ramsey offered his headquarters as a … Read More

Updates on Anti-Israel Protests—Including CCP Influence

During the early morning hours, police officers in Chicago began taking down the anti-Israel encampment at DePaul University. University officials report that the encampment had seen an increase in violence, leading to police involvement. Also, it is being uncovered that the Chinese Community Party, known as the CCP, has been linked to U.S. anti-Israel protests. … Read More

IDF Eliminates Several Armed Cells Inside Rafah Border Crossing

As the war between Israel and Hamas continues, the IDF has eliminated several armed cells inside the Rafah border crossing to Egypt. During Israel’s Independence Day, IDF troops eliminated over 100 terror operatives across Gaza and a Hezbollah missile killed one Israeli civilian and injured five IDF troops in Northern Israel. Following the delay of … Read More

Lawmakers Slam Joe Biden for Withholding Weapons From Israel

More than 100 lawmakers signed a letter on Monday criticizing Joe Biden’s decision to withhold specific weapons from Israel. The letter requests that Biden clarify his reasoning for the weapons pause and outline the timeline for the review process. Meanwhile HaYovel, a Christian ministry that brings volunteers to Israel to help farmers, is in search … Read More

Duke Students Walk Out of Graduation Chanting “Free Palestine”

Several Duke University students walked out of their graduation ceremony chanting, “Free Palestine,” while carrying Palestinian flags. This demonstration was in protest of comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s appearance as he has been outspoken in his support of Israel. President Biden continues to experience backlash for his decision to halt the weapons shipment to Israel. Some Israelis … Read More

Police Clear Anti-Israel Encampment at George Washington University

Here are a few of the stories making headlines today. District of Columbia police cleared an anti-Israel encampment at George Washington University Wednesday. Facebook’s oversight board will reportedly decide whether the phrase “from the river to the sea” (a common pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel chant) is considered hate speech. Amid the ongoing college campus protests, it has … Read More

Joe Biden Condemns Rise of Anti-Semitism on College Campuses

President Joe Biden condemned the rise of antisemitism on college campuses during the Holocaust Remembrance Day celebrations at the U.S. capital. His forceful condemnation came in contrast to his previous silence on these issues to avoid upsetting pro-Palestinian supporters. According to a New Generation Lab Study, it was found that the majority of college students … Read More

Antisemitic Protestors Burn Flag and Vandalize War Memorial in NYC

Antisemitic protesters defaced the base of the 107th Infantry Memorial in Central Park by writing Gaza and Palestine on its base, while others draped the Palestinian flag over the statue’s infantrymen. They also participated in burning the American flag. However, the New York City Police managed to keep the nearly 1,000 protestors away from the … Read More