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What Israeli Hostages Really Experienced

These three stories of released Israeli hostages, just a few of the many Israeli hostages taken by Hamas on Oct. 7, are difficult and hard to watch. But it is essential for everyone to know the truth of what happened to them, and what is currently happening to others who are still in captivity. On … Read More

Lives Are Still Being Saved

Three months after the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks in Israel, it is still crucial to support the Jewish people with security basics. Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Eagle Mountain International Church have joined in supporting HaYovel as they play an integral role in providing support to over 500,000 Jewish people in the country’s heartland communities of … Read More

Civilian Evacuations Begin in Rafah

Efforts to evacuate Gazan civilians have begun in Rafah. The IDF has arrested terrorists who tried to flee under cover of civilian population. Hamas operatives were also eliminated after they were identified observing Israeli forces. Watch the video below for more details including what opposing sides say about potential hostage deals. Make sure you are … Read More

Victory over Hamas Possible as Operations in Rafah are Approved

The Israeli Cabinet has approved the IDF’s plan for evacuations and military operations in Rafah. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “The timing of the Rafah offensive is uncertain and could be delayed somewhat by a potential cease-fire deal for the release of hostages in exchange for an extended pause in fighting.” Once the Rafah offensive … Read More

Terrorists Open Fire on Commuters in Rush Hour

This morning’s rush-hour traffic moving into Jerusalem was interrupted when three Palestinian terrorists opened fire on commuters. In the chaos, one commuter was killed while eight others were injured. Two of the attackers were killed at the sight of the incident while the third was found and shot during police searches of the surrounding area. … Read More

New U.N. Resolution Draft Reportedly Calls for a Hold on IDF Ground Offensive

With reports indicating as many as 1.5 million Palestinians taking refuge in Rafah, key aspects of the Biden Administration’s alternate United Nations resolution draft is said to call for the lifting of restrictions on humanitarian aid to Gaza and for the IDF to hold off its ground offensive into Rafah. The Khan Yunis stronghold is … Read More

Israeli Citizen and Jewish Man Latest to Endure Antisemitism

Antisemitic attitudes continue as the war against terror forges on. Israeli swimmer Anastasia Gorbenko said, “I’m here to represent my country…and I’m doing this with the Israeli flag and I’m proud of that. And whoever doesn’t like it, it’s just not my problem.” Gorbenko took silver in the women’s 400-meter individual medley at the DOHA … Read More

Hamas Terrorist Capital is Dismantled

On day 136 of the war in Israel, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant shares that the Hamas terrorist capital, Khan Yunis, is dismantled and an offensive in Rafah looms. Hamas leadership abroad is also in search of a new leader for the terrorist group in the Gaza Strip, further emphasizing the continued strides the IDF is … Read More

IDF Preparing for War with Lebanon

According toIsraeli Defense Force Chief of Staff Herzi Halezi, “The IDF is preparing for war with Lebanon.” This is in the wake of the IDF stepping up shelling of Hezbollah sites across southern Lebanon. Watch below for ILTV’s update on this, Netanyahu declining to send an Israeli delegation back to hostage negotiations, and U.S. and … Read More

The First Biblical War in Gaza and Israel’s War Today

Three thousand years ago, God saved His people from slavery in the land of Egypt. He promised them a land of plenty. The quickest route for their journey from slavery to the land that He promised would have been to travel from Egypt through the Gaza Strip and then through the Negev Desert into the … Read More