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Mediators Report Significant Progress on Truce Deal in Israel

Qatari and Egyptian mediators are reporting significant progress in truce dealings between Israel and Hamas terrorists. Israel further shows its heart as it opens new humanitarian aid routes, while Prime Minister Netanyahu openly rejects Biden’s criticism to the APAC Conference. For more from ILTV and Israel 365’s Steve Leibowitz watch below. Make sure you are … Read More

President Biden and First Lady Celebrate Ramadan by Repeating Hamas Propaganda

Sunday, President Biden, and the First Lady released an official statement in celebration of Ramadan. The statement included information from the Gaza Health Ministry, which is known to be run by Hamas, the terrorists who raped, murdered, and took Jewish hostages on October 7. Biden’s statement included supposed statistical information concerning the number of Palestinian … Read More

U.S. Military Repels Large-Scale Drone Attack in the Red Sea

The Iranian-backed Houthi rebel group is becoming bolder as they launched a large-scale drone attack in the Red Sea, Saturday. The U.S. military successfully repelled the attack after shooting down 28 drones over the course of a four-hour attack. US Central Command described the drones as an imminent threat to commercial shipping in not only … Read More

House Resolution Condemns Push for Cease Fire in Israel-Hamas War

A group of House Republicans plan to introduce a resolution condemning the White House for their continued push for a cease fire in the Israel-Hamas war. For more on this and the latest on Israel’s war with Hamas terrorists watch the update below.           Make sure you are watching news you can trust. VICTORY News … Read More

Israel Defies Biden Administration, Rejects Ceasefire Talks

Israel withdrew a delegation from the cease-fire talks, in defiance of the Biden administration, saying that Hamas did not provide a list of hostages still held in captivity. It is now believed that the head of Hamas, Sinwar, has no intention of agreeing to a temporary cease-fire, but rather will likely escalate violence over Ramadan. … Read More

Jewish Students at University of California Berkeley Speak Out Against Anit-Semitism

Jewish students attending the University of California Berkeley spoke out against antisemitism. This was in the wake of pro-Hamas protesters showing up at a privately ticketed event. Protestors shouted derogatory and genocidal remarks, calling the attendees pigs. Sharon Knafelman, a Jewish student, said she has had to hide in a public university because she does … Read More

What Israeli Hostages Really Experienced

These three stories of released Israeli hostages, just a few of the many Israeli hostages taken by Hamas on Oct. 7, are difficult and hard to watch. But it is essential for everyone to know the truth of what happened to them, and what is currently happening to others who are still in captivity. On … Read More

Lives Are Still Being Saved

Three months after the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks in Israel, it is still crucial to support the Jewish people with security basics. Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Eagle Mountain International Church have joined in supporting HaYovel as they play an integral role in providing support to over 500,000 Jewish people in the country’s heartland communities of … Read More

Civilian Evacuations Begin in Rafah

Efforts to evacuate Gazan civilians have begun in Rafah. The IDF has arrested terrorists who tried to flee under cover of civilian population. Hamas operatives were also eliminated after they were identified observing Israeli forces. Watch the video below for more details including what opposing sides say about potential hostage deals. Make sure you are … Read More