What Really Happened During the Attack On Israel

Sunday, Oct. 15, 2023, Eagle Mountain International Church welcomed a special guest from Israel 365, Rabbi Elie Maschel. Rabbi Elie traveled from Israel to take part in a monumental rally of Jews and Christians here in Texas. Visibly moved, he shared that this rally would be the first time that Jews and Christians had gathered in this fashion and that hearts would be open as they cried out together for God to have His way. He shared that he was already overwhelmed by the love he experienced in only a few minutes at EMIC. “I’m not a crier in general, but I have not stopped crying since I walked in this room. I can’t stop it. Pastor Terri, Pastor George, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your love. Your love that you have brought into action…I’m astounded. I’m absolutely astounded, and you have given me and all the people of Israel such incredible strength. Thank you so much.”

He went on to share his personal experience from the day of the attacks. He had been celebrating shabbat with a group of 25 men when they heard sirens go off. His home is next door to the synagogue, so they all ran to his bomb shelter. His daughters were already there, still in their pajamas. They were all packed in that small room: 25 men, him and his daughters. His youngest daughter, who has not been able to sleep alone since the second day of Passover for fear that the terrorists that killed a neighbor’s family would sneak in and slit her throat as well, had a full-on panic attack. She has not stopped panicking since, anxious and afraid of this volatile situation. However, she texted him during the church service to say, “Abba, tell them that we are strong.” Even in the face of such atrocities, Israelis are standing firm.

He went on to describe looking over his balcony as he witnessed young men dressed in their military uniforms hugging their mothers as they left. The sad truth of these goodbyes is that these sons and mothers know that not all of them will return. In fact, Rabbi Elie went on to describe how every day since, someone directly connected to his neighborhood has given their life while fighting the terrorists. He then asked the congregation, “Please pray with all of your heart.”

Pastor Terri also took time to update the congregation with how EMIC has helped, continues helping and strategically plans to aid Israel. She started by explaining the spiritual assignment the body has. “We are standing together with every Jewish person around the world as a covenant brother or sister. We have a spiritual assignment to use what we know from the Word of God and to stand in faith for them.”

As the body at EMIC provides tangible and intangible support, it is important to remember that there are two things we share in common with the Jewish people: the same God and the same enemy. Thus, the No. 1 priority in all that EMIC does in this situation is saving and touching lives via the personal connections we have in Israel. There are several individuals and organizations EMIC is supporting in Israel, but the current focus is finding ways to help provide supplies needed to the over 200 communities within the region of Judea and Samaria. Those items include security and surveillance devices and protective gear.

To learn more about what EMIC is doing, hear Rabbi Elie share, and be encouraged by Pastor George, watch below.