Earlier this week, Jeremy Gimpel of The Land of Israel Fellowship posted a clear explanation of what we need to know about the war in Israel and what needs to happen moving forward. In the information age we live in, we must be aware that not only is a physical war happening but a war of ideas. Jeremy stated, “We need moral clarity and not a fake morality. Right now, a lot of fake morality is being thrown at Israel.” The fake morality Jeremy is referring to involves the condemnation of Israel’s attack on Gaza following the October 7, 2023, attacks on Israeli civilians.

Jeremy poses the question of why the Palestinians are not openly condemning what Hamas did on that day. Hamas posted videos of the gruesome attacks on several social media platforms, bragging about the death and violence. They are not hiding their outright aggression toward the Israeli population. In addition to these attacks, there have been several rallies around the world, including Berlin, where Jews are being targeted with the Star of David being painted on their homes, reminiscent of World War II; and in Sydney, before the actual attacks, protesters gathered shouting, “Gas the Jews.”

Jeremy points out that the media is highlighting three arguments against the Israeli retaliation. First, people believe the Jewish people should be proportional in their response. Second, it is assumed that the Israelis are responsible for what Hamas has done. Finally, despite civilians being targeted by Hamas and currently in danger, the civilian casualties involved with the retaliation against Hamas are unacceptable.

Please watch “What You Need to Know About the War in Israel—Jeremy Gimpel: The Land of Israel Fellowship” as these insidious arguments are answered and refuted in detail, and learn more about why it is vital that we stand with Israel now more than ever before!