We Continue To Support Israel

Israel is still reeling from the Hamas attacks. The attacks have resulted in over 250,000 people being displaced from their homes. These families and others are mourning the loss of murdered loved ones while longing for the release of over 240 kidnapped by Hamas, 30 who have been identified as children. All the while, 8500-plus missiles have been fired into Israel since Oct. 7. These missiles are coming primarily from Gaza, with some coming from Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. Israel’s response in this? Obey the call set forth in Numbers. Israel is taking the land. “And every armed man of you will pass over the Jordan before the Lord until He has driven out His enemies before Him and the land is subdued before the Lord, then afterward you shall return and be guiltless [in this matter] before the Lord and before Israel, and this land shall be your possession before the Lord” (Numbers 32:21-22, AMPC).

What is Eagle Mountain International Church doing? EMIC is following suit and obeying the call to be a support to Israel. You are a part of that support, which has aided our Jewish brothers and sisters by offering financial aid and moral support in the following ways and to the following groups:

  • The City of Hebron is a Jewish community of 1,000 people that happens to be surrounded by 200,000 Arabs. EMIC is helping the residents secure their community by providing First Responder Kits. These kits are a medical supply wagon that includes a generator, lighting, medical equipment, a drone, kneepads, flashlights, vests with bulletproof plates and a cardiac defibrillator.
  • Kumah is a nonprofit organization founded and run by Yishai Fleisher. EMIC helped Yashai and his wife hold a large Shabbat dinner for the soldiers stationed in their area. During this dinner soldiers were given prayer books and candles. In addition to this, we have helped provide safety and security needs for small, vulnerable hilltop farms and communities in the area.
  • Holyland Missions in Bethlehem, led by Pastor Steven Khoury, is a Christian Arab community controlled by the Palestinian Authority. People in Pastor Khoury’s congregation had permits to cross the checkpoint from Bethlehem into Israel to work before the Hamas attacks. Since that time, all work permits for Arabs have been canceled as a security precaution. Thus, the people have been without work. EMIC is helping provide boxes of food and supplies for them.
  • EMIC is helping move new immigrants who have recently made Aliyah to safer areas.
  • Many Holocaust survivors have needed meals. EMIC is helping provide 233 meals per day to this precious population.
  • The City of David National Park has required a bolstering of security. EMIC is helping to buy new surveillance cameras and create a control room with computers, enabling continual monitoring of activity in the area.
  • HaYovel is receiving much-needed safety supplies and security equipment through EMIC’s help, including drones that are already saving lives.
  • Families of Massacre victims are being helped throughout the many communities EMIC and KCM is providing aid to.
  • One Israel Fund LTD provides support to communities in Judea and Samaria. EMIC and KCM have provided ATVs for communities such as for Beit-el, thus helping officers quickly move around security checkpoints in the mountainous regions; 400 medical kits that will go into each civilian patrol car in Judea and Samaria; and surveillance cameras to several communities.
  • Prayer Everywhere has expanded to morning and evening opportunities to partner in intercession over both Israel and the Church.

Don’t miss the opportunity to help our brothers and sisters in Israel. If you would like to be a part of blessing Israel during this time, click HERE. 100% of your gift will go to help Israel.

KCM provided medical supplies to the communities of South Hebron Hills through One Israel Fund.
Marc Proviser with One Israel Fund, overlooking the city of Ramallah. A camera installed with funds from EMIC and KCM caught a terrorist trying to plant an IED; due to this intelligence, he was stopped!