War Update 10/11/2023

On Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2023, Victory News reported the Israeli Defense Force was still finding bodies of missing civilians from Saturday’s attacks by Hamas. Israeli forces are currently hitting Hamas with the most intense airstrikes of the 75-year conflict, resulting in entire districts of Gaza being flattened, while shooting down Hamas drones, sending rockets and deploying troops to the northern border of Lebanon. 

Benjamin Netanyahu continues his stand and promise to the people of Israel, saying “Hard days are ahead; we love our brothers and sisters who were killed. We will win this war and bring life and blessing and light to the entire country.”

Netanyahu and opposition leader Benny Gantz have also agreed to form an emergency unity government while dealing with the aftermath of Hamas attacks.

The U.S. continues its support of Israel as the USS Gerald Ford arrived along with military equipment and resources. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Charles Brown reiterated this support as he strongly encouraged the Iranian government not to get involved with this conflict. He expressed that the deployment of more U.S. military carriers to the Mediterranean should deter them from doing so. This encouragement came alongside mixed messages being sent by Hamas representatives concerning whether Iran was or was not responsible in aiding Hamas in preparation for the Oct. 7 attack. However, it is clear that Iranian security forces played a role in the process.

U.S. government leaders are actively requesting that the Biden administration rescind access to the $6 billion recently given to Iran’s government, and to use whatever tools necessary to do so, to ensure Iran does not have access to this resource.

Meanwhile, rallies have continued breaking out in the U.S. and around the world, with both supporters of Israel and of the Hamas’ groups. Videos from the last two years have also surfaced of Hamas leaders explicitly expressing their desire to rid the world of “Zionism and treacherous Christianity.”

When asked what his perspective was on these attacks, chairman of the Shalom Jerusalem Foundation Rabbi Yehudah Glick said, “We are forced to fight a bitter war. They are condemned according to the law just like Hitler. Their actions prove that if they could, they would probably put us all into gas chambers.”

Watch the 4pm Victory News from 10/11/2023 for more.