VICTORY News Israel Update

Friday, Oct. 13, 2023, VICTORY News reports the Israeli government made the impending ground attack in Gaza official. They have cut water and power supplies into Gaza and issued a 24-hour evacuation warning to civilians in Gaza City. Civilians have been instructed to relocate to the enclaves of the southern region. The United Nations stated their opposition to this order, expressing that they believed this could cause tragedy to become a calamitous situation. Israel’s Energy Minister Israel Khatts stated Thursday, “The humanitarian aid will be forthcoming to Gaza when it shows concern for human welfare itself.”

Senator Tom Cotton wrote a letter to President Biden and the secretary of defense, formally requesting that American special-operations forces who are trained in hostage rescue and already assisting Israel be allowed to rescue American hostages in Gaza.

Amidst Hamas calling for Friday to be a Global Day of Rage, New York police took extra precautions by asking officers to be ready. Reports believe that this call was meant to create fear, but Hezbollah has been carrying out attacks in Latin America; therefore caution should be taken as we cannot determine who has crossed the U.S. border in the last two years.

Social media companies are beginning to experience accountability as the European Union issued a warning to TikTok, demanding that they crack down on content that could be considered illegal or violent. This comes alongside 700 Hamas-linked accounts being dumped from Twitter.

In a Russian TV interview, a Hamas leader shared that the attacks on Israel have been in the works for two years. He applauded Iran for supporting them.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach shared outrage that people would possibly be in denial that the attacks last weekend happened, as Hamas representatives begin denying reports. He shared that an ad was planned to be taken out on the front page of the New York Times highlighting the fact that the national media has not been calling out Hamas terrorists, but instead referring to them as a militant group. However, he has found out that it will no longer be possible because the paper was not able to verify that babies had been beheaded. He was outraged and referenced the fact that the Holocaust never made it to the front page either.

Senator Doug Jones has been pressuring China to take sides rather than playing down the middle, by condemning the Hamas attacks. However, their formal statements remained in the middle.

Concern about the American public’s responses continues as the Black Lives Matter organization leaders publicly explain their hatred of Israel and that they believe black people in America will never be free until Palestine is free.

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