U.S. Military Repels Large-Scale Drone Attack in the Red Sea

The Iranian-backed Houthi rebel group is becoming bolder as they launched a large-scale drone attack in the Red Sea, Saturday. The U.S. military successfully repelled the attack after shooting down 28 drones over the course of a four-hour attack. US Central Command described the drones as an imminent threat to commercial shipping in not only the Red Sea, but the Gulf of Aden as well. This occurred just days after another Houthi strike in the region which resulted in the death of three on a commercial ship. The Washington Times stated, “Houthi leaders say the terror campaign using drones is in retaliation for Israel’s war in the Gaza Strip, even though many of the ships have no connection to the Jewish state.” For more on this and the latest from the front lines of the Israeli war against Hamas watch the update below.

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