President Biden and First Lady Celebrate Ramadan by Repeating Hamas Propaganda

Sunday, President Biden, and the First Lady released an official statement in celebration of Ramadan. The statement included information from the Gaza Health Ministry, which is known to be run by Hamas, the terrorists who raped, murdered, and took Jewish hostages on October 7. Biden’s statement included supposed statistical information concerning the number of Palestinian deaths that have occurred during the war in Gaza. Their reports state most of the deaths have been civilians, including thousands of children. These reports are questionable as scholar and author, Salo Aizenberg estimates that if 70% of the casualties are women and children and 25% of the population is men then Israel must be failing to eliminate Hamas soldiers, or the numbers of soldiers are unbelievable low. Israelis are still overwhelmingly supportive of the fact that destroying Hamas is critical for Israel’s security. For more on this and the continued efforts of the IDF moving toward victory in Gaza watch below.

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