Praising God As They Go To War

The intensity of the Israeli Defense Forces’ reliance on God as their strength is amazing. Eagle Mountain International Church and Kenneth Copeland Ministries friend, Sgt. Maj. Jeremy Gimpel from Arugot Farm in Judea, is a member of the IDF reserves. He shared this powerful video of the Golani Brigade exemplifying the IDF’s recognition that this is first and foremost a spiritual battle.

The Golani Brigade is one of Israel’s most highly decorated infantry units. They are often the first reserve unit called upon in times of crisis, and they are working to find kidnap victims and bring Hamas terrorists to justice in the Gaza Strip. Their conviction even made Jeremy Gimpel question himself. He asks his Jewish brothers and sisters, “My dear beloved Jew, I ask myself, when was the last time I accepted upon myself the yoke of God’s kingdom?… Here is the Golani Brigade before they go out to war in Gaza.” Be encouraged that God is at work through these men and women. He will give them strength to persevere until they see their victory!

Watch this inspiring video below.