Israel’s Role In Christian Media

December 13, 2023, Victory News’ very own Fior Hernandez, while on location in Israel, was interviewed by ILTV, a news organization based in Israel and focused on Israeli news. The discussion focused on the poor image the international and western media has painted of the Israeli war of self-defense with Hamas. When asked about her perspective on this, Fior shared that she was more surprised to learn that many Israelis feel Christian support of Israel in America is not as strong as it should be. She noted however, that as a Christian journalist, her Christian roots come first and that she believes that because the Bible is true, “We have to be supportive of Israel and we cannot contribute to the perpetuation of propaganda or a narrative that paints Israel as an oppressor or as not in the right to defend its God-given land.”

Fior went on to share that there may be Christian media that is not supportive of Israel, but that is not the case with Victory News, the flagship news program of VICTORYChannel®. In fact, the heart of Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Eagle Mountain International Church is to ensure that this narrative of propaganda against Israel not be portrayed on their program. The journalists of Victory News have been instructed not to call Judea and Samaria the West Bank and to never refer to terrorists as ‘militants’ or ‘fighters.’ The role of Victory News is to speak against that narrative, and it’s going to be speaking the truth of God’s Word from our perspective.

Watch the video below for the full interview.