Israel Experiences Early Passover Miracle

This past Saturday, Israel was attacked with over 300 drones and missiles from Iran, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon. This was a five-hour attack that could have been devastating. However, Israel officials report that they and the United States, Great Britain, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia were able to stop 99% of the missiles and drones! Pastors George and Terri Pearsons of Eagle Mountain International Church invited Ze’ev Orenstein from City of David Foundation in Israel to give an on-the-ground update of what this attack actually looked like for those in the line of fire.

He joined the EMIC congregation via video and shared, “We saw the hand of God last night!” God’s intervention on behalf of the people of Israel on Saturday evening was indeed miraculous. Ze’ev shared that for three or four days the Israeli people knew that an attack by the Iranians was imminent. But knowing it is coming and experiencing it are two different things. Around 11 o’clock Saturday evening (Israel time) the announcement came that Iran had launched suicide drones and missiles. Later statements reported that there were over 300 munitions launched toward Israel. Ze’ev shared that every home in Israel is equipped with a bomb shelter; thus his family began preparing their bomb shelter, knowing it would be needed. But God had a different plan! Around 2 a.m., they began seeing and hearing explosions above them, but nothing was falling on them. Absolutely NOTHING fell on them! They were not harmed.

Ze’ev shared his feeling of thankfulness to God for His deliverance, by sharing Psalm 98. It begins by saying, “Sing a new song to the Lord,  for he has done wonderful deeds.” Next week as the Jewish people begin Passover celebrations, the dinner conversations will be different. Every year parents talk to their children about the miracles of deliverance that God performed over 3500 years ago. This year, the Israeli children will not have to imagine the miracles that God is able to perform. Ze’ev declared that this year, God has clearly revealed His miraculous abilities in our time! This year Israel will celebrate their early Passover miracle. To hear more and give thanks to the Lord with Ze’ev Orenstien concerning Saturday night’s divine intervention, watch below.