HaYovel Launches Operation ITTAI

Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Eagle Mountain International Church have been providing HaYovel support as rockets have continued to come in from Gaza, Syria and Lebanon. HaYovel is an organization in Israel that “brings Christians to Israel to serve the land and the people, enabling them to connect to the land of their faith, restore Christian Jewish relations, and confirm Israel’s right to their ancestral home” (taken from). 

In this video, Director of Operations for HaYovel Joshua Waller shares that HaYovel has created Operation Ittai in the wake of these attacks. Operation Ittai’s purpose is to gather essential supplies that are needed by citizens and distribute them as quickly as possible. Eti was a man from the nations who came alongside King David to strengthen the people of Israel, just as HaYovel is purposing to do today.

Joshua said this of the support being received by KCM and EMIC. “I want to thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts here on the ground for all that you are giving. It’s an amazing support to the people of Israel and to our team that is trying to get these supplies in. To KCM and Eagle Mountain Church: our deepest gratitude for all that you are pouring into Israel. It’s been a massive blessing. Our prayer is that the God that watches over and the God that keeps Israel blesses you for all that you are doing to his land and for His people.”

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