God Cares About Sheep!

Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Eagle Mountain International Church’s aide to Israel has been primarily humanitarian in scope, but to those being helped, it is a personal, life-changing act. For many, like Israel, a shepherd from the hill country, it has been a confirmation that he, his wife and his new baby are in the right place.

Israel and his wife took a chance and resettled on a piece of land called Mayom Farm that had been left empty for nearly 50 years. It was empty because the previous farmer had been attacked by Arab men. As a result of the attack, he took his family and left. No one could blame the man for wanting his family to be safe, especially when you consider the fact that even today, there are almost three time as many Arabs as Israelis in the area. With the level of religious and political tension between these groups at an all-time high, living in the rural mountains can be a scary situation.

Sometime in May of this year, history began to repeat itself at Mayom Farm. Israel, like his predecessor, was attacked by four Arab men. He was nearly beaten to death with a boulder. He suffered a fractured skull and partial paralysis as a result. He has since managed a full, miraculous physical recovery, but when the men attacked, they also took half of Israel’s sheep.

This is where Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Eagle Mountain International Church, the Israel One Fund and their various connections throughout Israel come into play. Julie Sironi, Israel liaison for KCM and EMIC, woke up one morning wondering what the cost of sheep was in the nation of Israel. A seemingly random thought caused her to text her friend Jeremy Gimpel of Arugot Farm in Judea. When she asked him this seemingly meaningless question, he responded by expressing his amazement that she would ask him this question right then. He was at that moment sitting by the hospital bed of Israel the shepherd. He relayed the story of the attack on Israel and how he had lost half of his flock.

Julie shared the story with Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons and immediately, the response was that EMIC and KCM should replace the sheep. However, Pastor Terri said that they should not only replace them, but add to them. In addition to buying sheep, they provided a water tank and a covered tent for the sheep, housing for Israel, and surveillance equipment to help protect the land from future potential Arab intruders. What a blessing in the middle of this horrific tragedy!

Israel is a simple Judean shepherd. He doesn’t even speak English. He and his wife simply know that they are supposed to be settling this land, because they believe God told them to do so. Hardship came, and they could have quit. It is possible that they would have, had it not been for the support that came to them via the Holy Spirit in prompting a woman across the globe to wonder about the cost of a sheep in Israel! Surely, the moment Israel was informed of the blessing that was coming his way, he felt the presence and love of God. That was his confirmation from God that he was in the right place at the right time.

This testimony and more are being shared with us every day from Israel. It is such a blessing to have the privilege of impacting the lives of Israelis in such a personal way. Please watch this video, as One Israel Fund shares thanks for the life-saving efforts of EMIC and KCM.