FLASHPOINT: Prepare for Change!


“We have got to share the truth!”

That was Gene Bailey’s opening statement as FlashPoint began on Tuesday evening, Oct.10, 2023. The evening’s program featured special guests Laura Trump, Ben Bergquam and Mike Evans, as well as Rick Green and Dutch Sheets. Conversation once again focused on the ongoing conflict involving Israel and the Gaza Strip, and how that plays out with the Unites States and the world stage.

When asked how she explains the atrocities happening in that part of the world to her children Laura Trump responded with, “Obviously people try to shield their children from this.”

In other shocking reports, several protests have broken out indicating support of the Palestinians here in the U.S. and around the world. News footage from Sydney shows a protest where a large group was shouting, “Gas the Jews!”

Mike Evans encouraged people to support the Israelis as he shared the gravity of the situation with Gene Bailey.

“Hospitals are being set up as trauma hospitals in anticipation of what is going to happen in the north,” said Evans.

All of Israel is sending those they love to the fight. Continue to pray and lift them up in their time of need.

Watch “FlashPoint: Prepare for Change” to see more.