FLASHPOINT: Israel War Special

FlashPoint’s Gene Bailey opened the “FlashPoint: Israel at War Special” Monday evening, Oct. 9, with a reminder: God has not fallen off His throne and Jesus is still Lord! Despite the tragedies of the previous 72 hours, God still has a plan for Israel and America.

Day 3 of the Israel War was marked by Israel cutting off water, fuel and electricity to Gaza. Israel has begun air raids within Gaza, and reports say that 550 Palestinians have been killed as the IDF has destroyed several high rises in Gaza City. More than 900 Israelis and 11 Americans have been confirmed dead because of the Hamas attacks on Israeli soil over the weekend.  Additionally, upward of 100 or more hostages were taken by Hamas, and a warning was issued that Hamas will begin killing them if Israel bombs Gaza without warning.

As the USS Gerald R. Ford is being sent by the U.S. government into the Eastern Mediterranean, the FlashPoint conversation focused on how this war will play out on the world stage. The obvious consensus of the panel—which included Hank Kunneman, Paula White-Cain, Michele Bachmann and David Friedman—is that the United States must fully support Israel.

Opposing voices are already arising in the media hinting at Israel standing down, but it is vital that Israel push forward in eliminating both the military and political standing of the Hamas organization. As both a historic and biblical ally of Israel, America needs to support them as they experience their own 9/11.                

Watch the “Israel at War Special” to learn more.