BBQ and Protective Vests

HaYovel, a faith-based nonprofit organization in Israel that Kenneth Copeland Ministries supports, recently provided protective military equipment for soldiers and first response teams in Judea. In the wake of horrendous attacks against the Jewish people, unseen since the Holocaust, an IDF soldier remarked that what is “more important than the gear that was donated is actually the fact that there are people in the world who stand with us.” Soldiers and first response teams have been defending their communities from infiltrating Hamas soldiers without necessary protective vests. Therefore, promptly equipping them with this essential equipment was vital.

In addition to giving protective vests away, HaYovel also assembles them! It was all-hands-on-deck as staff and family members (children included) ensured the vests would protect those who secure the most vulnerable Israeli communities. And every vest included a special handwritten note from donors in America. HaYovel recognizes that protection is important, but encouragement can be even more important.

To boost morale of these Israelis who have faced dangerous circumstances for months, Operation Ittai, HaYovel’s project to benefit IDF soldiers, gathered the leaders from 22 different communities in Israel.  At this event, protective vests were handed out, impacting the security of over 28,000 people. Making it a little party and adding some American spirit, the volunteers at HaYovel treated soldiers to a traditional southern barbecue. Again, protection and a morale-boost went hand in hand.

There is still a long way to go as communities around Israel still need protective vests. It is paramount that we continue to provide communities, specifically in Judea and Samaria, with the tools to defend God’s people and land. Because of your consistent support of KCM, the increased security and morale of soldiers are a direct result of your generosity. When anyone shares the hope that KCM brings to communities around the world, they speak of the BLESSING you are to them.

Watch these two videos for more details on the impact of HaYovel on these vulnerable communities.

BBQ and Protective Vests:

Assembling Protective Vests:

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