Aaliyah is a Priority for Us!

Julie Sironi, the Israel and Jewish Liaison of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, shared part of her September trip to Israel in which she returned to the Jewish heartland to check in on KCM’s efforts in assisting Keren Hayesod and their Aliyah project. Aliyah, a massive step in the fruition of biblical prophecy, reunites displaced Jews with their homeland, Israel. To reach safety and reunite with their Jewish heritage, thousands of Jews have and continue to return to Israel, re-populating the sacred Middle Eastern territory inhabited by Israelites thousands of years ago. Julie spent time with Shmulik Fried from Keren Hayesod, as they visited a hospital in Tel Aviv to meet a recovering elderly woman who made Aliyah from Ukraine amid a health battle. Also, they visited an absorption center in Jerusalem to see a couple who newly made Aliyah from Russia who were being aided by Keren Heyesod.  

During the chaotic Ukraine war, citizens of Ukraine and other Eastern European countries have had to accept the dangerous reality surrounding their native countries. One lady in particular, Galina, recently made Aliyah from Ukraine despite her battle with diabetes, inhibiting her ability to walk. With the support of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Keren Hayesod was able to take Galina’s family to Ukraine, in the midst of war, and rescue and relocate her to Israel.

Next, Julie and Shmulik visited a young Russian couple in a Jerusalem. Leaving behind possessions and family members, they flew to Israel to make Aliyah in the Jewish homeland, something they had long desired to do. The Keren Hayesod absorption center, where they now live, is their first stop in Israel as they begin to create a new life. Keren Hayesod is helping them find a job so that they can begin providing for themselves. Through saying goodbye to their past, they said hello to a future in Israel, a place that has restored their hope that goodness still exists. 

We encourage you to watch this video to catch a small glimpse at the impact the committed and faithful backing of Kenneth Copeland Ministries Partners have made on the Aliyah process in Israel. Because of you, our Partners, lives are being saved, hope is being restored and VICTORY is being established in the lives of Jewish people. We extend our fullest appreciation and gratitude for your continual support of this ministry, both prayerfully and financially, enabling us together to BLESS Israel. Don’t miss this inspiring report of what God is doing in Israel through you!

Full video is HERE.