Flashpoint: Nations on Edge, Pray!

The Thursday, Oct. 12, 2023, edition of Flashpoint, hosted by Gene Baily, continued to give the Flashpoint Nation updates concerning the state of affairs in Israel. If there were any questions concerning the resolve of Israel in this conflict, Israeli minister of defense squelched them on Wednesday saying, “We have abolished the rules of war. Our soldiers will not be held responsible for anything. There will be no military courts.”

This may sound harsh but, as shared by Luke Ball, since 1967 the Israelis have laid down arms several times as the world encouraged them to negotiate. Every time a solution has been created, it has been have refused. History demonstrates that there is no desire to negotiate with Israel and only a desire to destroy Israel.

In an interview clip Glenn Beck stated, “This is the first time in human history, that I know of, someone (Hamas) has said who they are and then proven it.” When asked about this, Erick Stakelbeck shared that he believes that only way to describe this is as it truly is “a battle between good and demonic evil. Hamas gleefully posted images of them taking the lives of babies and burning families.”

The Hamas have been indoctrinated since childhood. They are taught that the Jewish people are bad people, and their lives need to be taken. This indoctrination stretches further than the lines between the Gaza Strip and Israel. The Palestinians authority is known for their textbooks and television programs pointing children toward this ideology. Universities around the United States are not immune to indoctrination as they consistently have approximately 1100 antisemitic rallies per year. This week at the University of Wisconsin rally, students were recorded chanting, “Glory to the murders,” and “We will liberate by any means necessary.” There is a clear polarization of light and dark occurring.

Gene Baily asked Luke Ball to comment on the rallies occurring at universities. “This is a fundamental misunderstanding of foreign policy and a misunderstanding of history. Not shocking that it is young college students who are predominantly involved in this discussion on the wrong side of the debate.”

Erick Stakelbeck expressed the potential concern of every parent who has a child close to college age. “There is something really depraved about college campuses.” Many might even question if it is worth sending a child to college when they may return home having accepted the mantras of organizations that support the idea that murder is OK.

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