There are so many things happening in the world right now, it can feel overwhelming. We have many questions. Where is Gaza and the West Bank in the Bible? Is Hamas described? What should our response to the conflict be? So, Kenneth Copeland took time to break down what this means, spiritually and in Scripture.

Many people are afraid of the implications of this war. Brother Copeland is clear. That is NOT our response. We must take authority over fear. God has not given us a spirt of fear! We choose to trust God and His hope, His truth about this situation.

Go back to the Word of God. Trust in Psalm 91. That is God’s truth about your situation! Brother Copeland states, “In the face of death itself, we go back to The WORD of God.” That is the final authority in our lives. We must stay in faith…which works by love. We cannot allow fear into our lives.

Brother Copeland explains that this is a family fight…brothers: Isaac and Ishmael. As Christians, the Body of Christ, we side with Abraham…with Isaac…with Israel. Now and always.

Pray also for the leaders of America, especially for those you don’t agree with. We aren’t to judge; that is not our job. We are to pray and to trust God. Remember, He wins at the end!

Dive into the Word with Brother Copeland as you watch this video, so you can understand what God has said and is saying about Israel today. And bring your faith to bear on this world in these current events, and know that God is at work in and through us today.